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Anush Topakbashian-events-weddings-designer-michigan-metro detroit-decorator-decor-dolce vita

Anush Topakbashian


Anush Topakbashian has been decorating homes and events for over 15 years. After graduating from St. Clair College in Business she utilized her sales background working as a General Manager and District Visual Manager in two home décor companies for over 20 years in Canada & USA.  During this time she decorated events for family and friends as a hobby. It was there she found her passion for working one-on-one with clients.


Feeling the urge to tap into her marketing and expand her meticulous creativity and attention to detail, Anush went back to school and graduated as an Accredited Wedding & Event Designer and began the process of opening her own event design company. Growing up in an industry with a father as a jewelry designer and a mother with a talented fashion, floral and decorating side gave her the tools needed to create an innovative business. She truly enjoys working with all the families she meets and loves seeing their dreams come to life!

Anush’s favorite part of each event is the few hours of beautiful, organized chaos that ensues the day of the event. A designer can draw as many diagrams and make as many plans as they want, but they never know, until they are physically in the space on that day, exactly how things are going to come together. There are always unpredictable challenges a designer will have to tackle. It is in those hours of building each element of the event and being creative in that moment when she really discovers the joys of what she does. It never ceases to inspire and excite her.

Anush Topakbashian-events-weddings-designer-michigan-metro detroit-decorator-decor-dolce vita
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