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Holiday Party Decorating Service

for Homes, Offices & Businesses

Have you ever been to a home holiday party and been absolutely stunned by the elegant and flawless look of the Christmas decorations and overall decor? You were probably at a home Christmas party which had been professionally decorated. Our holiday decorating services includes design, delivery, installation and removal. If you are planning a holiday party, you have enough to think about without having to worry about the decorations. Our portfolio of Christmas party decorating services include: table decor, centerpieces, chair covers, ceiling decorations, lighting, Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, custom-made centerpieces, backdrops, tablecloths, vases, and fresh floral creations. Don't settle for a boring holiday party this year, consider using a professional decorating service and you will ensure your guests have a breathtaking experience.

Corporate Holiday Party Decorating Service

If your company is planning to have a holiday party this season, we are here to help. Our corporate decoration services are an ideal way to ensure your business' holiday party this winter is a hit with your employees and their guests. Our team of designers will work with you to come up with the unique design and theme which will elevate your corporate Christmas party to a whole new level. We offer all types of corporate holiday decoration products and services. From fresh floral service to complete backdrops, tree decoration service, garlands, wreaths, ceiling decorations, holiday centerpieces and so much more. Dolce Vita has everything required to make your corporate holiday party a success. We offer the complete package which includes delivery, set-up and removal.

Contact us today to make your next holiday event your best yet!

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